The rules of College Admissions continue to change, and competition for acceptance is tougher than it's ever been!


Most experts would agree that few choices we make in life will have as great an impact as that of college admission into the right college!
Preparing for college is a very complicated process that requires thought, effort, and organization in order to succeed.  It’s also a process that should begin as early as possible for the student, preferably early in High School
    • parents While most parenting is hands-on and learned through experience, the ever changing rules of the college admissions game can be very challenging...
      college preparation for parents
    • students College acceptance has never been more competitive or complicated and this can all be very overwhelming... but we can help so that it does not have to be...
      college preparation for students



Did you know

In todays world, Fortune 500 Corporations utilize Project Management specialists to oversee and ensure success for in their most important and costly efforts.

... should your College Planning use anything less!

Whether you are a parent or student, the staff at Project-College is committed to helping you prepare for the college process. We offer a full range of services that take advantage of current proven Project Management methodologies that offer you a clear and methodical approach toward your success.

As in any important Project, PLANNING is the most important step to success… unfortunately it is also the step most often overlooked.

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  • Post-college incomes are 60% higher than those of high school graduates … on average, this mean $1 million more in lifetime income
  • More than 95% of the colleges in the US use some form of Project Management in their operations
  • Average College Tuition 2009-10
    Private 4-year $26,273 (+4.4%)
    Public 4-year $7,020 (+6.5%)