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College Preparation

At Project-College, we use the term 'College Preparation' to refer to all of the activities designed to best prepare you for a successful college education. This phase begins early in high school (preferably as a freshman) and ends at the point where you begin your college selection and admission application efforts (that is also where the process of 'College Admissions' begins).

During the 'College Preparation' phase, the following are examples of some of the tasks that you will need to complete:

  • Academic Planning

  • Athletic Offset Planning

  • Intra/Extra Curricular Activities Planning

  • Summer Activities Planning

  • Individual Exploration (Personality, Wants, Dislikes, Strengths, Weaknesses)

  • Initial Resume Preparation

  • Career Selection

  • Determine Optimal Testing Strategies(SAT / ACT)

  • Coordinate Entrance Testing Preparation (PSAT / PLAN)

  • High Level Review of College Application Processes

  • Initial College Selection/Prioritization Criteria

  • Initial Strategy Regarding College Essays

  • Initial College Fair Indoctrinations

  • Early College Visits (Jr years only)

  • College Savings Options (earlier you start… the better)

  • Initial Financial Aid Planning (Scholarships/Grants/Loans/FAFSA/etc.)

  • Customarily, once this phase has been completed, the student would then transition to the 'College Admissions' phase

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    Again, the tasks above are offered more of an outline of tasks normally associated with this phase. Each student is different and needs to be treated as such. That is a core value at Project-College… where we strive to identify on those differences, many of which may actually represent strengths. We do this through extensive one-on-one counseling and such practices as exploring what we call the '7-Stages of Identification', all under the structured and proven processes of a Project Management methodology.

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    Project-College offers a wide variety of service programs to assist you in your College Admissions, to include any necessary accelerated 'College Preparation' efforts for seniors in high school. . These programs range from specific hourly counseling to more comprehensive structured programs.

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    • Did you know that waiting until the end of your junior year or the start of your senior year to develop a college preparation and admissions game plan can really hurt you? Some of the most important "planning" and "preparation" for college admissions is what happens between your freshman and junior years. It's difficult to market yourself to colleges if you've haven't taken the necessary steps along the way